A Fresh Look

It’s been a strange publishing year here at Hyde Central. Most of my novels/novellas went into Out of Print mode for the better of the last 365 days. Several of them will be re-released before 2015 is out, but a couple of them, including Provenance, my Golden Crown Literary Society finalist, might not see print again until my agent can find it a new home.

Being in limbo isn’t easy. I felt like an inch worm dangling by its thread. But things are looking up. A bird didn’t swoop down and eat me, and I’m moving again.

The Tattered Heiress

From The Tattered Heiress

These months of quiet writing and reflection led me to rethink my website, and I can now welcome you to this new, fresh look. It still needs some tweaks and fine tuning, but it’s certainly usable. So browse about and make a laundry list of which books of mine you’d like to try out.

Let me also point you to my upcoming publications and plans.

My second Charlotte Olmes mystery, The Tattered Heiress, will see publication this year. It’s a short novel and its print edition will pair it with Of White Snakes and Misshaped Owls. I love writing this series and it’s my goal in life to make this series my signature work.

I’m going to return to the leather bar Hippolyte’s from my award-winning Story of L for a series of queer women’s novels, tentatively called The Women of Hippolyte’s. I hope to make them erotic and heartfelt explorations of people’s needs in what was, for me, the richest setting I’ve ever had the pleasure creating and exploring.

I’m giving attention to a “between projects” lesbian romance series in equestrian settings. Each book will be set in a different “horsey” environment with new characters, new conflicts, and plenty of reasons for love and lust. I’ve always been a little bit horse crazy!

Of course, ther opportunities may well find their way onto the docket here at Hyde Central but, for now, enjoy the website. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter. And keep the faith, knowing that I’m writing almost each and every day, bringing beloved ideas and their stories to life!

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